Creative Places United Kingdom

DefiniGEN Ltd. United Kingdom

Diaceutics United Kingdom

Diaceutics is a global group of experts from the laboratory, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. Our goal is to help pharmaceutical companies integrate diagnostic testing into their treatment pathways. We are empowered through a real-time flow of testing data from our worldwide laboratory network which we use to help our pharma clients understand and leverage the diagnostic landscape.

DIT United Kingdom

Domainex Ltd United Kingdom

Domainex's drug discovery CRO business reduces industry average project timelines by up to 30% through the application of novel proprietary technologies such as CDH with a focussed, integrated approach to medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and computational chemistry.

Fusion Antibodies Ltd United Kingdom

Horizon Discovery United Kingdom

Hypha Discovery Ltd United Kingdom

Hypha Discovery is a microbial technology company helping partners in pharmaceutical and agrochemical R&D succeed through the discovery and production of microbial and mammalian metabolites. We are experts in the scalable production of DMPK metabolites and generation of polar analogues, and are also a leading provider of unique natural product screening libraries and associated services.

Imanova United Kingdom

Imanova is a company with a depth of understanding in drug development and extensive experience using imaging to facilitate the development pipeline. Our academic expertise and extensive links with clinicians and scientists in our shareholder institutions provide unrivalled capabilities to facilitate drug development.

Imperial College Healthcare Partners United Kingdom