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Innovation Agency United Kingdom

Karma Oncology Ltd United Kingdom

MedCity United Kingdom

Medherant Ltd United Kingdom

Medherant develops patches for delivering drugs transdermally and topically. The company was founded by Professor David Haddleton and the University of Warwick to commercialise their world-leading expertise and know-how in bioadhesives, polymer chemistry and product development by exploiting novel polymeric adhesives in the medical field. It is commercialising novel adhesive transdermal patch-based products and solutions that expand the library of drugs and significantly increase drug loading capabilities to provide improved patient experience, enhanced safety, increased efficacy and economic benefits to the healthcare system.

Mr Nigel Davis

Medical Realities United Kingdom

The Medical Realities Platform delivers high-quality surgical training using Virtual Reality. Become immersed while world-class surgeons teach in our interactive modules. Medical Realities is supported by industry partners to ensure our modules are curriculum-led and of exceptional quality.

Orchard Therapeutics United Kingdom

Orchard Therapeutics is a biotechnology company incorporated in September 2015 and dedicated to bringing transformative gene therapies to patients with serious and life-threatening orphan diseases

Our programmes will use the potential of ex-vivo autologous haematopoietic stem cell gene therapy to restore normal gene function in severe and life-threatening inherited disorders

We work in partnership with the world's leading research centres to harness the life-giving potential of gene therapy

Our mission is to translate results from pre-clinical and early clinical research into commercially approved gene therapies for patients around the world

Plasticell United Kingdom

Plasticell is a biotechology company developing therapies through precise manipulation of stem cells and more differentiated cell types using award-winning combinatorial screening technology.

Propath UK Ltd United Kingdom

Richmond Pharmacology United Kingdom

For over 15 years, Richmond Pharmacology has delivered clinical excellence from design to delivery of early phase clinical trials, going from strength to strength in a fiercely competitive market place. We have experience that is held by our long serving management team and are reputed for our customer focus, flexible approach and strong project management. We have conducted over 300 Early Phase Studies.

We have developed an efficient approach that allows us to combine different designs into one protocol, leading to objectively faster development times from First in Human to Proof of Concept studies. Our integrated platform is designed to streamline every aspect of Early Phase trials with quality, integrity and accuracy.